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It also sets a routine that will help calm your baby.

It's also good to read at other points in the day. Choose times when your baby is dry, fed, and alert. Books also come in handy when you're stuck waiting, so have some in the diaper bag to fill time sitting at the doctor's office or standing in line at the grocery store. Books for babies should have simple, repetitive, and familiar text and clear pictures. During the first few months of life, your child just likes to hear your voice. So you can read almost anything, especially books with a sing-song or rhyming text.

As your baby gets more interested in looking at things, choose books with simple pictures against solid backgrounds. As your baby begins to grab, you can read vinyl or cloth books that have faces, bright colors, and shapes.

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When your baby begins to respond to what's inside the books, add board books with pictures of babies or familiar objects like toys. When your baby starts to do things like sit up in the bathtub or eat finger foods, find simple stories about daily routines like bedtime or bathtime. When your child starts talking, choose books that let babies repeat simple words or phrases. Books with mirrors and different textures crinkly, soft, scratchy are also great for this age group.

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So are fold-out books you can prop up, or books with flaps that open for a surprise. Meanwhile, Tim tries to get the crown from Jarreau but is stopped by Jimbo. He learns that his own victory years ago was a lie told by his parents to make him feel like winner. Jarreau gives up the crown to go back to being a drummer instead. Staci wins but she turns around and crowns the crying runner-up baby.

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The other babies join them on stage and pass the crown around; this restores the dipping baby love levels. The parents and the host Marsha terminate the show seeing a contest based on cute looks is vain.

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Ted commends Staci on the change of her heart, but Staci dismisses him saying that she was merely getting the vain contest cancelled; she prefers contests that are based on talent. Ted is constipated and forced by his boss to take a sick day, which he hates. As Tim and their parents try to cure him, his team has to face one of Calico's nefarious plans. Ted and Tim's parents have tickets for a concert and leave them with a well-regarded teenage babysitter.

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They decide to get rid of her, but then Tim gets a crush on her and Ted has to follow through his plan with the help of his team. Tim and Ted's parents win a all-expenses paid trip to Paris.

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  8. Once on board, Ted and Time discover that the airplane is full of babies, Stacy and Jimbo included, and that Marsha Krinkle and her cameraman are also on board. When Ted gets knocked out by the travel-sickness medication on his milk, is up to Tim and Stacy to prevent the plan's success and save Ted's job. While Ted and Tim were on Paris, Calico managed to get one of his cats appointed as a police officer.

    The cat is inducing her human partner to fine families with kids so they'd sell their houses to Calico and leave the city. Ted makes a deal with Mega Fat CEO Baby to get the golden surveillance equipment and he and his team must find proof of Calico's schemes or Ted will lose his job.

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    He calls Tim and Ted parents and when they're unable to return home in time, their scared parents put all kinds of security and vigilance on their rooms. Meanwhile, Calico uses Jimbo's lost pacifier to break into BabyCorp. He starts to get big kids love because of starting it. However, Ted must stop baby love from going down and make Simmons stink-less again. Tim tries to bring Ted and Gigi together, so Gigi takes them to the senior center library for story time until Estes and the oldies take the room.

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    Ted must find a way to get story time back. Old people hire Marisol to babysit for the rest of the summer. Meanwhile, when Gigi is sick, Ted gets his team to make Gigi look like a babysitter while he and Tim tries to get Marisol back to sitting babies. Ted falls in love with a furry new doll called Plushythingy and the other babies do too.

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