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The little coat was added but looks adorable on her. Baby - This sweet little baby is in very good condition. This is a charmer nicely dressed in antique clothes. They are all bisque, fully jointed with swivel heads. She is fully jointed with swivel head. She is in excellent condition. She is on her original fully jointed Steiner body. Open: Tues.

Closed Sun and Mon. Parking in the rear of the building. Close to all major expressways and public transportation. Kewpies 2.

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All original in regional costume, orig. Magnificent Bru 9 Jne, 21 inches tall, perfect except for repaired fingers.

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A Beautiful Example. Early 1st series Portrait Jumeau 3, some bisque flaws. On shopping expeditions her mother would buy her a Barbie with extra clothing, shoes and accessories. As a little girl she also collected ceramic horses and international dolls. Then like most of us other interests took hold, her marriage, jobs and two daughters, Kris and Heather, occupying every spare moment. Since then there has been no stopping her. Above: Although extremely difficult to find in good condition, Helen has managed to acquire an impressive collection of early Steiff velveteen animals.

The girl holding the rooster, circa , is from the desirable series. Below: The Lenci in pink is from the Grugnetto series, in blue, the series; the Lenci miniatures, also known as mascots, are circa The one in red has floppy legs. Right: This rare back doll is Series , and was made during the first years the company was in business. Today Helen lives in a beautiful suburban home with her husband John, a prominent neurosurgeon, and their cats, Gus and Caesar.

On a personal note, I am fortunate to have Helen as a neighbor and good friend.

The aggressive, outrageous, infuriating (and ingenious) rise of BrewDog

Each morning, weather permitting, Helen runs by my house at approximately am. I take her word for this as I am always sound asleep. She is passionate about her running and very disciplined. Just two weeks from now, she and John will be running in a half marathon at Disney World in Orlando. Small French dolls are easy to display and perfect for pairing with accessories.

Shown here is a first series Portrait Jumeau and a Bru Brevete.

Far right: The Jumeau automaton was purchased during a trip to Nice with her husband John. It shares the shelf with an E. Dressed in red, an F. The beautiful Scottish lass is an all original Bru Jne, purchased from a local family who were the original owners of the doll. To her right an all original Tete Jumeau. Steiff character dolls.

Door of Hope dolls taught young Chinese girls important skills and gave them a renewed respect for their heritage. A special shelf is reserved for Asian dolls including this impressive standing Simon Halbig , Kestner, Armand Marseille and on the far left, an all bisque Kestner.

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A darling character by Swaine in the original outfit. Once Helen decided to collect dolls she took a mail order class in repair and restoration followed by a hands on course that taught her how to recognize repairs, hairlines, repaint and how to string dolls. Lately her focus has turned towards German bisque led to brooches, pins and mourning jewelry. Finally I started to focus on what I loved the most, the characters.

It is the face that attracts me and draws me in. I think every collector knows when they have to have that certain doll. John can tell if a doll is going home with us just by my body language. Dolls are displayed in virtually every room. The dining room houses Lencis and a wonderful collection of small velveteen Steiff animals. Rather than just lining her dolls up in a row, she tries to make her displays interesting by adding these interesting go-withs. Upstairs an antique wardrobe was cleverly converted into a giant baby house, each room a total delight, populated by small bebes and all bisques, miniatures and accessories.

The master bedroom holds many of her favorites, an impressive collection of Kamkins and Kathe Kruse dolls and several German painted eye characters, including the cover doll Rudy, an all original Simon and Halbig A massive wardrobe was outfitted with shelves and divided walls and turned into a baby house. Looks like the Heebee Sheebee is in charge of the two leather babies.

A cozy fireplace warms up the living room for this A Steiner and seated, a Bahr and Proschild Belton. A group assembles in the parlour.

Seated in chair is Kestner as is the doll in front of the curio cabinet Kestner. A little all bisque us seated on the sofa and the larger dolls is an all original Belton. Creating and furnishing this baby house was very satisfying for Helen. Standing, a Limbach glass eyed character and on the bench, a tiny Motchmann Baby and a dimunutive Kestner.

Helen has other collections as well — souvenir tape measures, match safes, Bilston Battersea patch boxes, Victorian handbags, mourning and friendship jewelry. Every purchase is carefully photographed with purchase price and details, carefully ensconced in plastic and stored in one of numerous binders.

Three days a week Helen joyfully baby-sits for her daughters who have busy careers. Like other children raised with valuable antiques, they are totally respectful of the dolls. They invited her to assist with the cataloging and sale of the. Standing is an early Sonneberg child doll and seated on a candy container sofa a Bebe Francais Jumeau and a diminutive Kestner Bru. Mary Merritt Doll Museum which closed its doors December 31st, There were so many categories of dolls, toys and miniatures. It was a hands-on experience where I learned how to evaluate and grade the condition of items.

The prices achieved were nothing short of phenomenal. Instead she buys American ball-jointed dolls and has fun changing their clothing and accessories weekly. She also enjoys making wigs and small jointed teddy bears. Her advice to new collectors is based on years of experience. Study and learn and gradually go from there. In the beginning few people have the knowledge to be that discriminating. Your collecting will evolve over time. This big girl by Gaultier measures about 31 inches. Closed mouth, single stroke eyebrows, long black eye lashes, fixed blue-grey eyes.

She has a sweet serene face. Carole Miley Collection. I know it is a very peaceful place since I was lucky enough to have visited there several years ago. I saw the large tall villa, where Carl Halbig once lived on the wooded hillside that overlooked the meadow where the porcelain factory once stood. I will always remember this small village as having the friendliest people in Germany. This was when American importers stopped buying German dolls. She has feathered eyebrows, accented lips, long eyelashes, pierced ears, original wig, and hinged leather body with porcelain arms.

They supplied many dolls for the French market. These models were typical of the Northern Thuringia region. One of my favorite dolls produced by this porcelain factory was made in and is mold This 8-inch marked shows molded strapped boots with heels, elaborate style wig with long dark eyelashes and one stroke eyebrows. This marked is 8. She has a cloth body with composition arms and legs with molded boots. Now the doll actually resembled the early 14th Century Egyptian Queen.

Today, this historical shoulder head is on display at the Dorfmuseum, complete with Egyptian headdress. They had six daughters.

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Nefertiti invented her own make-up using the Galena plant. She shares her name with a bead, called nefer and was often wearing it.

The aggressive, outrageous, infuriating (and ingenious) rise of BrewDog

But she and Akhenaten were unpopular. They forced the people to worship only one god, the Sun God Aten also called Aton-over all others. After their deaths, the couple was all but removed from history. It is said that even in the ancient world her beauty was famous.

Increasing numbers of archaeologists are convinced she survived her husband and ruled alone for three years after his death in BC.