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Scientists, agriculturists, farmers and environmental activists are now promoting technologies that have been used by marijuana growers for a very long time. Other than the obvious farming technologies such as vertical farming, there are subtle ways that marijuana cultivation have contributed to environment-friendly farming. Marijuana growers were the first ones to introduce the use of LED in indoor farming.

Previously, laboratories and universities use huge lighting equipment in their experiments with indoor agriculture.

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For marijuana growers, the cost of electricity bills of using incandescent and fluorescent lights are not the only concern. The cops can identify potential marijuana growers through above average utility bill. Exorbitant electric bills were often flagged by electric company for various reasons. Police take advantage by investigating potential grow operations indoors.

This is why many cannabis growers have switched to more efficient LED lights. Through the use of LED, they are able to reduce their electricity consumption.

Cannabis Cultivation Will Be A Race To The Bottom

Unknowingly, they have also decreased their carbon emission. Going back to the present, many businesses have adopted the use of LED to minimize the cost of utility and also to practice more sustainable farming.

In efforts to minimize cost of farming, many also switched from hydroponics to aeroponics to decrease water usage. For many years, the mainstream agriculture has been touting about hydroponics as the next big thing in farming.

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Once again, marijuana growers are able to go one step ahead by introducing aeroponics. Aeroponics farming is the farming method that grow plants such as agricultural produce in an air or mist environment. This is accomplished without the use of soil or an aggregate medium.


Other than decreasing the water bill, aeroponics has other important results. It has increased the output to anchor the roots.

Through mist of water, marijuana are grown without soil. This farming method has not only minimized water bill, it has also allowed marijuana growers to cultivate more potent cannabis. After introducing aeroponics technology in agriculture, marijuana growers have also experimented on aquaponics. Aquaponics is an agricultural practice that is very similar to hydroponics where the plant grows in soilless environment.

Cannabis Cultivation Laws Finally Loosen

It added that the production quota has more than doubled due to an increase in federally approved research projects. Federal law still prohibits cannabis. Only 11 states have legalized adult-use cannabis, and 33 states have legalized cannabis for medical purposes. Therefore, marijuana still has a long way to go to get legalized at the federal level.

Clifton matric beach party ends in tragedy. The World Health Organisation estimates that South Africa is the third largest producer in the world of cannabis, which provides employment fort some 1. Daragh Anglim, Managing Director at Prohibition Partners, said legal cannabis cultivation could be a game changer for the continent.

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In this Wednesday, Oct. Nestled deep in the higher reaches of the Indian Himalayas, Malana has become one of the world's top stoner destinations, and a symbolical battleground for India's fight against 'charas,' the black and sticky hashish that has made the village famous. While the rising demand and price of "charas" has benefited the villagers, it has also led to a slight increase in prosecutions and prompted the government to send machete-wielding police and forest personnel on long treks to destroy a small percentage of the marijuana fields.

Despite moves to legalise the cultivation of cannabis for medical products in several key markets such as South Africa, Lesotho and Zimbabwe, cannabis remains illegal across most of the continent as the great majority of African government have yet to follow the trend of legalisation that is sweeping across Europe, North America and Latin America.

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