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I just absolutely loved this experience. It helped me to fine-tune my intuition, increase a sense of trust in my abilities, and infuse more creativity into the process. This is a fabulous experience for anyone who wants to expand their healing took-kit, and strengthen their own intuition - a WIN-WIN. From the very first week of class, Johanna made us all feel comfortable and at ease. She challenged us to step outside our comfort zone of being "right" and into tapping in and feeling. I learned I learned a lot about myself during these four weeks, which flew by. I am excited to take all of this and combine it into my healing practice for my clients to receive a deeper understanding of their energy.

Thank you so much Johanna!! The material in the course was easy to follow bc The material in the course was easy to follow bc of the interactive nature of connecting live through Zoom calls. I enjoyed learning in the group atmosphere as well as the one on one private room intuition exercises.

I can't believe the drawings I have been able to create with the tools I learned. I'm looking forward to taking the next courses, actually counting down the days:. I came into this course with no drawing ability and very unsure of whether or not I could effectively discern colors. Johanna is incredibly knowledgeable and presents the material in an organized Johanna is incredibly knowledgeable and presents the material in an organized and digestible manner. She took all the time needed to answer questions and gave gentle guidance that allowed me to develop my skills at my own pace. Most of all, she made the class fun!

I was amazed that I was able to develop a fair degree of proficiency in a short time, and I love that we were each encouraged to use our knowledge in combination with whatever modalities we already use. It was so empowering to know that I could use my new-found knowledge to serve my clients even more effectively, and a joy to tap into a creativity I did not know I had.

Shirley, Austin TX. This is a super fun and accessible course.

Bovis Units in Everyday Life

While I draw all kinds of stuff, I had no idea how to break it down into simpler steps but through this course Johanna taught me some great ways to do tha While I draw all kinds of stuff, I had no idea how to break it down into simpler steps but through this course Johanna taught me some great ways to do that. Anyone interested in bringing their energy work into the seen world should give this a try.

I also recommend it for artists looking to add more depth to their work, so this course is great for artists and people who don't consider themselves to be artists alike. If you are at all interested in this course, I'd say just go for it.

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I had seen Johanna on Facebook and I started to follow her. I was amazed at her drawings and how much she knew using the energy colors. When she offered this class I knew I had to get in! I am so glad I did. First of all Johanna is so knowledgeable. She takes the time to answer any all questions you may have. She took the time on each call to interact with everybody.

I wasn't sure I was going to get this energy drawing that she was doing, but she made it so easy to learn. What what I learned in her class has helped me to be able to know my clients in my business better and to be able to related to them and talk to them just by knowing their soul color.

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It is absolutely a class you must take! I am a better coach from this class for my clients. I can't wait for her next level class! Deirdre Clement. This class was everything I wanted and more. It was impeccably organized with all the information available online, coordinating with the class discussion. Johanna led us through the fundamental co Johanna led us through the fundamental concepts and had us reading colors pretty quickly. It was great to see the concepts turn into reality so quickly!

Often daily life does give us signs confirming the rightness of choices or decisions, but we may miss them, ignore or misread the significance or fail to act. Have you ever received a sign or omen whether in nature, a line in a page of a book to which you have seemingly randomly turned or a song on the radio when you suddenly turned it on, that echoed an earlier conversation or confirmed advice you were given but doubted?

I am starting to collect meaningful coincidences or psychic signposts from everyday life experiences for a new book and I would love to hear of any in your life that confirmed the rightness of a decision or echoed a warning you had been ignoring.

School Of Witchcraft -

This month I am offering a new online dream service as well as the usual dream analysis. I will work with you with any significant or recurring dreams and create personalised psychic exercises and rituals so you can use your dreams and the often unknown or unrecognized information they reveal to release increasing power, harmony and confidence into your daily life.

I have also restructured the clairvoyant readings section so I can offer more in-depth, comprehensive and hopefully more helpful answers to your questions as well as general insight into related matters about which you may not have asked but nevertheless wondered. Defensive Magick a very active form of psychic protection if you are faced with real nastiness or threats and Magick in the Workplace.

So as the late sun of October wheels its way downwards via Halloween to November and on the other side of the world people are getting ready to celebrate high summer, may what did not work out for you be transformed into beauty and new life. May also what you have achieved through your endeavours continue to grow and bring increasing joy and a harvest of fulfilment. More than a month has passed and my granddaughter Freya is growing daily and with an undiminished enthusiasm for socializing in the small hours of the morning.

My daughter and I have been sharing the night patrol. I am also becoming expert again as I was when my own children were young, of typing one handed, holding a thought while struggling to work out the aerodynamics of the baby suit and putting in the capital letters afterwards.

Do You Feel Called to Be a Healer?

This has been my summer of not going anywhere and it has meant a total reprioritizing of my former workaholic tendencies where a second spent if I was not writing, reading something esoteric or travelling was a second wasted. How many beautiful sunsets must I have missed, how many meals eaten at the computer and not enjoyed, how many conversations not about work cut short because I was always in a rush to be on with the next project or driving to the next town?.

Come mid September I will be off on my travels again to work on the website and look for Black Madonnas in Central France with Debbie as part of our ongoing project.

But now I will take time to look out of the plane window for cloud angels as I advise everyone else to do. I will take the slow train when I return to Sweden after too many months absence to research a new book on Norse goddesses, including the feisty Freya the swan cloaked battle maiden and goddess of love and beauty, beloved by ordinary women who struggled to take care of farmsteads single handed when their men were off voyaging. Who would have thought twelve months ago I would be without house and car and travelling not road trips but online miles?

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For I am radically reassessing my work pattern to move virtually online to create a school of thought in cyber space with the help of Debbie. As well as producing our new courses in psychic development, past lives, ancient wisdom and earth energies, divination to include runes, Tarot and tree staves, healing and pagan living and continuing the magical course towards the eventual 36 parts, we are planning to sub divide all our courses into sections.

This means you can literally create your own super course from a whole variety of topics, guided to choice by us if you wish, so you can complete and have assessed your unique spiritual studies. The second part of our stand alone Psychic Protection course will soon be on line as will Part 1 of the Psychic Development course that begins with pendulums.

I was recently asked if I could create a dedication and personal initiation for a student of Witchcraft and to perform a ceremony on her behalf. Many solitary practitioners do want some kind of dedication in the early stages of their studies and I am always happy to craft something special. I hope in to introduce a complete rites of passage service section for people who want to carry out their own baby naming, hand fasting, adoption rites or pagan funerals and need everything from ideas to a complete unique service with chants.

All I lack is time. But the future is online and we will even produce our own e book additional course materials eventually. So watch this space and tell us what you would like us to create. For you are the site and we thank you for visiting our on ine home and soon to be distance learning school. Life can stagnate, flow harmoniously, gallop like a stallion racing in the wind, totter or stride impatiently along to the next staging post.

On August 4, my wondrous granddaughter Freya Rose was born to my equally wondrous and brave daughter Jade after a long and very difficult labour ending in an emergency caesarean. I was lucky enough to share the long vigil with Jade. Being able to hold tiny Freya is a reminder that there is goodness, beauty and innocence in the world and how precious and precarious life is.

Recently life has been a personal struggle for me and I have in spite of my strong spiritual beliefs in the basic goodness of humanity, frequently walked through the shadows and questioned if the dawn would rise again. Then last night, my car skidded on a road across the island hills and plunged through a hedge and down a steep embankment. There was a split second in which I accepted I had seen my much anticipated granddaughter born and knew she was surrounded by love and everyone could manage without me. I had seen my books published and was about to test my theories of the afterlife.

Then suddenly as if in slow motion I started to steer a path towards the level ground and slowed the car gently to a halt. Seconds later I walked from the car almost unhurt. My younger daughter Miranda has jokingly suggested there must have been an angel at each corner of the car lifting it up and in a sense she was right, though not the gold winged kind which would have totally freaked me out and convinced me I had passed over.

But the calm inner instructions that enabled me to stop the car suggest I was helped.