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Four Ways to Get Ready for April 2020

Photo Credit: Pop TV. At this year's summer party, there was a Ferris wheel, funfair games, food stalls and silent discos. Too many DJs performed last year. So we have high expectations for it! I don't usually take that long getting ready. As I love dresses and a daytime sequin it's a case of putting some make-up on and a pair of heels.

I pretty much wear ASOS all the time, so it has to be something from onsite. I normally go for an outfit that nods to the latest trends and next seasons trends too.

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Plus my new Balenciaga neon heels- I like to mix my high street pieces with designer. I wore an ASOS Design patched floral and sequin dress, I loved it as it was a mix of day and evening with the print and sequins. We always sell a statement sequin dress around this time of year - this year it is an asymmetric draped sequin dress, which I am saving for New Year's Eve! Our work Christmas party is lots of fun, full of laughter and a great opportunity for the team to get together.

All the Brighton team attends so we always choose a location in Brighton as it is convenient for everyone. Usually, we go out for dinner followed by drinks in a nice wine bar. Last year we went to Browns and then onto Plateau wine bar. Directions Don't coach your child. The purpose of the screening is to find out which skills your child has already mastered and which skills are not yet strong.

Find a quiet time to use the tool. Set aside about minutes to complete it. Sit side-by-side with your child in front of the computer screen. Give your child control of the mouse only if your child knows how to use it. Try a sample question. This will familiarize your child with how the screening tool works. Point to the pictures on the page and say to your child: "Let's look at some pictures. I will ask you a question about them, and you point to or click on the picture that is the best answer. Let's try one.

When you're ready to start, get your child settled and then begin.

The Temptations – Get Ready Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Read aloud the question that appears at the top of each page slowly, clearly, and word for word. It's important to say the exact words on the screen. Do not rephrase the questions or put them into your own words. Ask your child to point to or click on the best answer.

Get Ready for These Four Awesome and Scary Applications of AI in Marketing

Once your child has settled on an answer, don't change it. Don't give hints or second chances. Keep your child focused with these tips.

If your child: Wants to stop. Say, "We have just a few more. Let's try to finish.

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Take a short break. Start with the next unanswered item. If your child is not able to start again, restart the screening tool at the beginning a few days later. Asks for help. Say, "Try to do it yourself. Says the answer instead of pointing to or clicking on it.

Say, "Can you show me? Put your finger on it. Say, "Can you pick just one?

The Temptations - Get Ready

Asks if the answer is right. Give a vague answer: "You're doing a really good job. Answers too quickly, or points to the picture in the same position every time.

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Say, "Take your time. Look at all the pictures before you decide. From time to time, say encouraging things like, "You're doing a great job!

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For example, don't say, "Good," for a correct response and nothing when the answer is wrong. Start the screening tool Are you ready?

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