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They make decisions about how to run and promote their cookie sales, interact with customers, and spend their earnings. Girl Scout Cookie entrepreneurs are always sharpening their money smarts. By running their own cookie businesses, they learn how to make correct change for customers, count and manage their cash flow, and create a budget to fund the experiences they want to have with their troops. Skill 4—People Skills "I get a lifetime supply of confidence in every box.

Urban Dictionary: that's the way the cookie crumbles

Girl Scout Cookie entrepreneurs are relationship builders. By running their own cookie businesses, they gain valuable practice communicating with customers; talking about their product and goals; and resolving conflict in a positive, productive way—all skills that will help them succeed in school, in business, and in life. Skill 5—Business Ethics "Selling cookies is more than just business. I guess that is why I am willing to do this dance in the first place. I offered to trade him an old lawnmower for a dozen rib-eyes, and our dance was over just like that.

But this is trickier.

I admit that part of my being here with my brochures is hubris. I want to make sure that our daughter makes a good accounting of herself in her first grade class so that the teacher, parents, and school administrators will see what supportive, well-organized, and all around excellent parents we really are.

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More than that, I want my daughter to feel good about her results. I want to avoid certain obvious scenarios falling into place in the event that sales do not go well. Just imagine. Humiliated by lackluster sales of cookie dough, she falls into a bad crowd of fellow cookie dough slackers.

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Believing that they are not capable of success, their performance in other areas begins to suffer. Reading, writing, arithmetic, playing well with others, negotiating the monkey bars at recess. Grades begin to fall. Maybe this rebellion will take on certain self-destructive characteristics, as teenage rebellions often will. Maybe cigarettes will look sexy to them.

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Maybe wine coolers will. We can dance as long as it takes. It is a variant on the expression "such is life".

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The expression is also mirrored in French as "C'est la vie" "that's life". Click Here to find out who said this, as well as discovering other famous literary quotes!

that's the way the cookie crumbles

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