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Previous Lot Search. Artists Resale Right Regulations apply to this lot, the buyer Price realised. Follow lot. Add to Interests. Provenance Alain Tarica, Paris. Contact Client Service info christies. Pat Nixon and Jackie Kennedy were good friends, according to Seale, despite the bitterness of the election. Although Nixon came from humble roots in rural Southern California, he had expensive taste, especially in wine.

Many of his favored wines were pricey French Bordeaux and German rieslings, such as Bernkasteler Doctor—the most expensive German wine you could buy at the time. His treemap includes more Cristal than a Jay-Z album. The bottle was wrapped in a napkin to conceal the label from the congressmen. He served the same bibb lettuce salad 14 state dinners in a row, from to the final dinner in December Gerald Ford served as president for just two and a half years and yet found time to host 34 state dinners—the fifth most of any president.

His output was as solid and steady as Ford himself. Seven of those state dinners were in the last five months of alone, his first five months of office. A dinner hosted by then-President Nixon had been scheduled with the king for March 12, The ever-reliable Ford, meanwhile, found a way to host the king at the White House despite being scheduled for a talk in San Diego that afternoon. Ford, who promised to restore dignity to the White House, also used state dinners as a way to reassure foreign leaders. Stable allies were important amid the chaos of the mids, with the Yom Kippur War, the energy crisis, the fall of Saigon, and the rise of terrorism in Europe.

Even though the guy before me resigned, you can trust me to keep this ship afloat. In fact, he said precisely that at one dinner. Dig in: How the graphics work And what of the food? Gerald Ford was a transitional president with transitional state dinners. For the first year, Ford menus were a continuation of the precedent set by Kennedy and Nixon: French menus with French names.

Think of the s as French food with American ingredients. By the end of , all of the wines at a Ford state dinner were from the United States. It was the first Wolverine State wine ever served at a White House state dinner and would remain the only Michigan wine until Barack Obama served one in The menus could not be found by the Gerald R.

Alexandre Azaria

Ford Presidential Library and Museum. If historians judged presidents purely on their culinary performance, Jimmy Carter would be ranked one of the all-time greats. Not only did he host more state dinners in a single year than any other president—16 in —but on Sept. His state dinner in March to honor the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty was the largest ever given by the White House: 1, guests.

The food on both occasions was the epitome of a fancy dinner at the time—Maine lobster en belle-vue and roast saddle of veal with a selection of fresh vegetables for the former, and Columbia River salmon in aspic and roast sirloin of beef with spring vegetables at the latter. There was a solid political reason for this flurry of events.

Carter was constantly on the defensive during his presidency, facing a country that believed itself to be in terminal decline and perceived as a weak and uncertain leader. Around the halfway point of his presidency, the Democratic Party grew nervous. Huge things that the party would pay for … to pep him up. Talk about bridge-building—he even invited Richard Nixon as a guest!

Dig in: How the graphics work By the time Carter left office he had hosted 38 state dinners. With dinners so frequent that some occurred within two or three days of each other, the Carter menus offered few surprises. The most significant departure from other state dinners of the era was the appearance every so often of a Georgia dish. The late s saw so much growth in the American wine market that by , sales surpassed that of hard liquor. That passion for wine did not translate into the White House.

All the Presidents’ Meals

Never a big drinker himself, Carter served wines that were carryovers from Gerald Ford—except for the bargain-bin Paul Masson wines, which were served four times. Contact sheets show state dinners hosted by the Carters—for the president of Venezuela on June 28, top two rows , and the Shah of Iran on Nov. National Archives. For fans of state dinners, the Reagan administration was morning in America.

Bush or Barack Obama. And no other president can boast of a state dinner where John Travolta danced with Princess Diana. How were the Reagans able to throw so many glamorous state dinners? The historian William Seale offered another possible explanation. And everything went as they planned it. By December , tensions had thawed, and the White House even threw a state dinner for Mikhail Gorbachev. Dig in: How the graphics work Still, by it was apparent that the state dinner food was becoming an archaism. Nancy Reagan, taking a more hands-on approach than most first ladies, tried to freshen up menu selections that had now been used for more than 20 years.

Ruta, who served as executive sous-chef during the Reagan years, recalled that Nancy Reagan relied on the advice of, remarkably, her interior decorator, Ted Graber.

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Mousse was served more frequently as a lighter alternative to the traditionally heavy French courses. The Reagans hired David Berkley, a wine expert based in Sacramento, to consult on wine selections.

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Berkley introduced several new California wineries to the White House cellars, with the visible result that the drinks were noticeably more diverse than in the s. Chenin blanc took a backseat to chardonnay, and the hot California climate-friendly zinfandel and merlot appeared for the first time. Nixon would likely disagree. The following state dinner menus are currently unavailable or incomplete: Anwar Sadat of Egypt, Aug. For George H. Bush, every course deserved its own mousse.

When it came to alcohol, Bush was a beneficiary of the s chardonnay boom, with the drink edging out sparkling wine on his menus as prices went down and interest in wine—especially American wine—spiked. But otherwise, there was no great innovation during the Bush era; as in much else.

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King Hassan II of Morocco was served cold pumpkin souffle with crystallized ginger and blackberry sauce for dessert in September But at that same dinner, the king was also served medallions of salmon in aspic with caviar sauce. Chambrin, who came to the White House as a sous-chef in , loved working for the Bushes.

Like Lyndon B. Johnson, George H. Bush had been part of Washington culture for a long time and loved to entertain. This time, the queen was served medallions of Maine lobster and cucumber mousse with aurora sauce, crown roast of lamb, galettes fines herbes, potato croquettes, bouquets of vegetables, watercress and Belgian endive salad, St.

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Andre and chevre cheeses, and pistachio marquise with fresh raspberries for dessert. The dessert, created by the longtime Executive Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier, featured marzipan cobblestones topped with a inch, dark chocolate carriage filled with you guessed it mousse. The dinner must have been good, though. The sausages the queen normally brought with her on visits abroad stayed home, the Washington Post reported. The generation gap between George H. Bush and Bill Clinton came down to two Mexican state dinners. When Bush hosted President Carlos Salinas de Gortari in October , the menu featured supreme of sole in Champagne, roast saddle of veal farci, marquise potatoes, spinach timbale, and a watercress and Belgian endive salad.

With the help of Scheib, the Clinton administration highlighted regional American cuisine in the menus with simpler, fresher ingredients. Aspic was finally, finally out; field greens and fava beans were in. The cheese course was nixed, bringing state dinners down to four courses. His official dinner for South Korean President Kim Young-sam in November offered ginger-almond ice cream made with 2 percent milk to keep the fat content down.