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Were they really necessary? The Romance Liam was perfect for Ruby. Ruby was perfect for Liam.

‘The Darkest Minds’ Review: Amandla Stenberg In YA Movie Retread | IndieWire

But Clancy? Love triangle? Love triangles are overused in YA literature with exceptions. The Darkest Minds utilized every stereotypical expression or twist to "build" the love triangle.

This just made me wince and cringe and scream. The Characters The characters were very good at the beginning, but as the book progressed they get worse and worse, doing things for ridiculous motives and getting more and more irritating. When Clancy steps into the picture Ruby gets irritating, mopey, and silly, which is so different from the Ruby I knew at the beginning of the book. She was so strong, so determined, so real. Liam was adorable and Chubs was funny and Suzume was sweet.

‘Darkest Minds’ — don’t wait for the sequel

Conclusion I liked The Darkest Minds well enough, but not enough to read it again or read the sequels. I purchased this first book in the series after the movie was released.

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I hadn't seen it but had been intrigued. The book did not disappoint. An exciting read with well developed characters and enough twists to keep me reading through the entire series. Like many" young adult" fiction books, I sometimes enjoy them more than the adult versions.

The Darkest Minds series

Kind of late to the dystopian party, but I like reading trilogies that are already past their prime so that, if I really love the first one, I don't have to wait an agonizingly long time between books. With all the hype about this series I waited in line on the SPL reserves list until it landed on my shelf. After the first 80 pages I kind of wondered what all the hype was about and started to doubt whether I wanted to keep reading, especially after reading a few reviews on Goodreads about the monster-long road trip that never went anywhere, but the writing was good enough and I was intrigued by the kids' "powers" and the break-out by someone who couldn't possibly be a good person Cate.

I got confused by the stores that were abandoned but still had things like beautiful red and pink dresses for the taking, but whatever. Yes, the road trip was long complained some reviewers who rated it one or two stars but the kids were "on the run" not just driving along aimlessly. I liked the idea of getting inside someone's head to see their thoughts, and the triangle between Ruby, Clancy, and Liam was plausible and deepened the intrigue. In the end I was pulled forward by the narrative and had to find out what happened. Not in love with the book enough to go out and buy it or the sequels, but I am intrigued enough to wait my turn in the SPL request line.

Apparently there are lots of others of the same mindset. In one generation, as kids enter puberty ages they start to die or exhibit superhuman powers. The kids with powers are sent to camps and classified by the type of powers they have: Green - heightened intelligence, Blue - power to move objects with thoughts, Yellow - power to create and control electricity, Orange - power to control minds, memories, and emotions, and Red - power to create and control fire. Yellow, orange, and red are considered extremely dangerous and are eventually removed from the camps with blues and greens.

On Ruby's 10th birthday she is sent to a camp.

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  5. Through her powers she discovers she should be classified orange, but after a terrifying experience with another orange upon arrival, Ruby convinces the classifier that she is green. Six years on, she is discovered and smuggled out of the camp by the Children's League, but through her powers see some terrifying memories and escapes the people who saved her from the camp.

    She comes across three other kids with powers who escaped another camp on their own and had a completely different type of camp experience. They take her in and all go on a journey to find someone called the Slip Kid who can help them get in contact with their families and possibly go home. Ruby is most interested in the Slip Kid, because he is rumored to be an orange - as two of the last known oranges, Ruby hopes he might be able to help her control her powers, but finds way more than she expected. I liked Ruby's growth; it came in fits and starts Her connection with Zu was especially sweet.

    The end made me sad, so I didn't continue with the series at this point, but I do want to see the movie. The plot was amazing, and full of action as the characters are on the run from soldiers who are trying to capture them. Speaking of the characters, Bracken did an amazing job of making the characters seem life like. The amount of character development that was included in the novel was outstanding.

    The Darkest Minds Series

    I made the mistake of reading this after the second and third book, which I do not recommend. It was hard to focus on the plot when I did, but this book clarified a lot. For instance, I finally understood what happened between Ruby and her friends that caused the second book to create all the drama it did. The plot was actually pretty great in this book, and I would say it was more interesting than the second.

    This author has written other great works, all of which I enjoy to a great extent. Read on for a tale of dystopian adventure! Really enjoyed this book! I just hope there will be a sequel that brings more to the story. The ending kinda leaves us hanging'.

    Dark Minds - The Coastal Killer - S2E3

    Everything has changed. The children across the nation are dying left and right, but that is not the greatest threat facing the world. The true thing to fear, are the survivors. Stuck in what are pretty much concentration camps, forced into complacency, silence, and hard labor with the daily threat of punishment, Ruby is not living.

    She is only wading through the days in constant fear, not of the PSFs, but of herself. She's not what she seems. She's an impostor. She's an Orange living as a Green. And she's dangerous. With the ability to mess with people's minds, she's seen the affects of what people like her can do. Before they were taken away and presumably killed, she would witness the cruel jokes and plans the Yellows, Reds and Oranges would play on the guards, some being fatal. But she's not like that.

    She isn't crazy and determined to hurt people for her own amusement. No, nothing like that. She can see people's memories, have them think what she wants them to think, and can erase herself completely from their minds. The problem is, she can't control it. When her life and identity in the camps is threatened, and the opportunity to escape arises, Ruby suddenly finds herself thrown into the outside world, unsure of who to trust and what to do.

    Until, that is, she finds her own tribe.

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    This is the story of Ruby's heartbreaking, mind-blowing journey to find out more about herself and learn to grow closer to people. Or at least it was until everything went to hell in a hand basket. This was a great book! Absolutely loved it. I never got bored when reading it, and I absolutely had to have the sequels. I love the book and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

    Right when I thought it was getting boring and I was going to put it down, something unexpected comes up and you can't stop reading unless the bell rings and you have to get to your next class.