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Mammoth Boy

Specifically, the tooth was determined to be an upper third molar. Now that the experts have had a look at the tooth, Hepner is seemingly eager to have his find returned to him. Woolly mammoths roamed what is now Ohio during the last Ice Age, which spanned the years between around , and 12, years ago although it should be noted that the very last population of the animals on Earth, which lived in Siberia, survived until roughly 4, years ago.

Mastodons are much more common—there have been at least half a dozen nearly complete skeletons found here—mammoths much more rare. That is because Ice Age Ohio had much more forested areas, which the mastodons lived in, that it did open grasslands preferred by the mammoths. Sarah Cascone , August 14, Last week, Jackson Hepner, age 12, discovered a massive woolly mammoth tooth, dating to the Ice Age, in the creek that runs through the Inn at Honey Run in Millersville, Ohio.

Hepner, a relative of Nies, knew he had spotted something unusual when he saw the tooth partially buried in the creek, slightly upstream from the bridge where they had been taking photos during a family reunion. Nick Kardulias of the archaeology program at the College of Wooster, who all confirmed that the ancient fossil was a mammoth tooth—an upper third molar, to be precise.

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The woolly mammoth lived in the region between , and 12, years ago and used their massive ridged teeth to grind grass and seeds. The mammoth tooth. Each project begins with a passion for true quality—embroidered patches, faux fur cut with care, and hand-selected fabrics that are as durable as they are comfortable.

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Mammoth Boy

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