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She was begging staff for help. They said they had nothing else for her. I quit right then and there. Three and a half years without smoking now. Even quite smoking pot also. I wish you all the best.

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Hope you see something that makes you quit also. I got bladder cancer in I had smoked 30 years. But what he said gave me motivation to do it. I bought a pack of Levi Garrett chewing tobacco after all my cigs were gone and started chewing a marble size chunk every time I had a strong craving.

I Gave Up Smoking Six Weeks Ago. So When Do I Start Feeling Good Again?

I chewed it for the length of time I would normally smoke a cig and spit it out. This calmed my nerves each time. After 3 days there was only a little bit left in the pouch and I told myself that I was not going to use the last marble size piece. It worked and now I have been free of smoking for over 9 years. I feel better today than I did 10 years ago and have way more endurance.

The want to is the key to quitting. I gave up 2 weeks ago after I arrived back from my holiday with a rattling noise in my throat that kept me awake. I do it cold turkey and always think of the benefits, money, health, not going outside in winter etc. I quit in May of Very few cravings and breathing better. Also more relaxed. I have tried 2 to 4 times befoe, once for a year. Im here to read comments from everyone to keep myself strong and stay focused on my plan to quit. I have to keep myself busy and experience and know how to adjust myself when a craving hits.

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Thank you everyone for sharing. March I looked at the face of my 5-year old son and realized I want to be here for most of his life. After 20 some odd years of smoking I tossed my cigarettes in the garbage. I smoke packs a day. Quit now! Congrats to everyone out here and thank for the article.

About cravings a day now still pretty intense , but weather those and the rest of your day is peachy! Request smokers to quit ASAP.


Its bit difficult but not impossible certainly. Atleast try and maintain absistain.. All the best wishes. The stress and bad habitacids including unhealthy eating is causing problems. I am 34 years old but I have acid reflux, ibs, chest pain, etc. I have seen many doctors and they all agree that I should stop smoking.

I started smoking a couple of cigarettes a day, and now I am reaching to 20 per day or even more on weekends. Please I beg anyone who can help me out, I am in desperate need of help, I dont want to lose my life and my family because of this. I am choking up just thinking of the harm i did to my body. I used to remember when I was at the top of my health and power back in when I used to go to the gym, eat healthy and never smoked at that time. It was just downhill after that.

Sorry for taking up your time reading my comment. I just really need help. I quit last year after reading the Allen Carr book — it was so easy. The price of the book is less than a pack of smokes in the UK and you can smoke while reading it — what have you got to lose?? I quit June 28, , after 25 years of smoking, with the help of chantix!!! Every day it gets easier!!! Fight the urges. My quitting date is today 9th July I finally quit smoking cigarettes earlier this year after trying many times before.

I always weakened and would end up buying some usually when I bought petrol. I would get mad at myself and even not finish a pack and throw them away. Always figured if I had no cigarettes and no lighter as I used to toss those away too I would not smoke but of course the cravings were insane and I always would buy more and that is how it would go on.

I thought keep them there and if you have to smoke then they are there.

When You Quit Smoking – What Day Is the Hardest?

That was even worse because after trying not to smoke I would end up chaining them and smoking even more as I was so desperate by the time I gave in amd needed it so bad. What made me more determined this time was my own mind set. This time it was much stronger than before because I just felt so powerless being a slave to getting a nicotine hit atleast every half an hour with me as I could not go longer without a cigarette unless I was asleep! Every night a big top up before sleep and then on wake up the same needing it so badly.

I finally thought this is just crazy and as I finished a packet well it was a carton actually and on the last cigarette the last deep inhale I said to myself that is it now I will never take another inhale and I meant it. It was difficult but not as bad as I expected.

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  • I loved smoking and smoked everyday atleast 2 packs often far more for over 40 years. I took nothing at all to help just stopped. Each day I succeeded made me more determined to not let myself down as I knew I would never face the agony again and would end up smoking myself literally to death as I was doing before.

    I miss the act of smoking and looking forward to it as I was a really hard heavy smoker who loved every aspect of it but having broken a life times habit I can say it so worth it for the improvement in my health and future prospects. Good luck to everyone else trying to do the same.

    Smoke Free 45 Days

    It is 53 days since I turned my back on cigarrete after 35 years of heavy smoking. It is increasingly becoming difficult to manage the dizziness I am feeling.

    What is the remedy to the dizziness? I hope my body starts healing, been smoking for 8years. Anyone have idea if cannabis helps out? Most times I quitted, I used to smoke just cannabis and it did help on relieving the pressure of cigarettes. I still could murder a cigarette now and then. Some days I like the smell and some days I want to be sick hope that will pass in time. I thought about smoking every day but hang in there. Smoking a true addiction. I learned 10 years ago that even one cigarette can start the habit again in no time. I quit cold turkey best way to do it exactly one year ago come July 8 and have passed the craving stages after 3 to four months, with the first month being the toughest.

    Cold turkey is by far the best way. A profoundly immortal determination will guarantee success. Stop that filthy, expensive, and that will surely kill you if you do not quit. You can do it! Cutting grass the other gadnkne cig left. Lit up started coughing decided that was not been 2 days which is a record for me.